Magazine Issues»June 2016

The Priips Kid regulation comes into force on December 31 2016 and creates a new EU harmonised framework for the marketing of packaged retail investment and insurance based investment products (Priips) (including most funds).

At Kempen Capital Management, they believe portfolio managers should invest in their own funds. David Stevenson talks to Lars Dijkstra, CIO of the €42 billion manager.

Christophe Olivier and Remy Croisille, of Finaltis, show how the Reverend Thomas Bayes can help deal with the pitfalls of putting Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory into practice.

There was panic in the markets after data showed that in 2015, China’s economy grew at its slowest pace in a quarter of a century. But are investors right to be so bearish?

East Capital recently revamped its China equity fund to be a thematic product focused on the environment. François Perrin tells George Mitton about the new direction.

While still in its infancy, blockchain technology is seen by many as shaking up the financial services industry.

The emergence of smart beta indices is directly linked to the new investment idea of ‘risk allocation’, as Felix Goltz of Edhec-Risk Institute explains.

We profile some of the most interesting fund launches in recent weeks and examine the performance of a product already on the market.

The coalition parties of Germany believe the power of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) should be put under stronger democratic control.