Magazine Issues»June 2015

BullThe bond bull market might – perhaps – be over, but QE is boosting Europe’s €480 billion high yield market, finds David Stevenson, who looks at the risk factors in the corporate bond market.

Bread slicesLaurent Denayer of EY in Luxembourg condenses a year of patterns in fund distribution into one neat set of idioms. 

Train tracksThe meteoric rise of exchange-traded funds has left traditional index funds in the shade. But as Alix Robertson finds, sales of old-style trackers have not waned.

Tom AlabasterWhile Africa has long been cited as a market that offers great opportunity for private equity, its development has been held back by the idea that investing in the continent involves a high degree of risk relative to other parts of the world.

Fctory smokeJames Hulse of the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) looks at how ESG factors can be integrated into valuation methodologies at a time when shortcomings are emerging in the discounted cashflow model.

Ralf MenegattiPeople’s jaws drop when they read about the huge fines imposed on fund managers for a variety of shortcomings, ranging from pricing discrepancies to the late submission of regulatory reports.

GlobeWe profile some of the most interesting fund launches in recent weeks and examine the performance of a product already on the market.

ScalesInvestors are keen on smart beta ETFs, says Felix Goltz of the Edhec-Risk Institute, who illustrates the popularity of investment factors.

Jens Jorgen Holm MollerThe European distribution landscape is undergoing dramatic changes. The UK and the Netherlands have, in different ways, prohibited advisers from being paid inducements by funds. Instead, investors must pay their advisers directly if they want advice.