June 2013

Village houseRecently, I received an announcement about some new research into the 'top small towns and villages for millionaires in the UK' from a company called Wealth Insight.

Electric currentThree currents vital to success in asset management are reflected in a fund manager's recently launched strategy for smaller pension schemes, argues Nick Fitzpatrick, after gauging views about the industry's future.

Romain BoscherTheir liquidity benefits will earn equities a future within investment portfolios, finds Nick Fitzpatrick. But longer term investors will also be prepared to allocate to less liquid assets as they search for yield.

Data streamThe collection of data sets so large they are difficult to process by normal means has its own name: big data. Nicholas Pratt asks if new technology could generate alpha returns.

Heartbeat lineLow-vol strategies reflect how investors' mentalities have changed since 2008. Fiona Rintoul looks at a fund market that is hard to uniformly categorise and finds good performance.

PadlockA number of newly launched funds hint at a risk-averse attitude among some investors. Meanwhile, data on domiciles shows Luxembourg is still dominant. George Mitton reports

Ball of woolNew rules by the Financial Conduct Authority may push platforms to compete on price, which they warn would be a 'dangerous game'. Stefanie Eschenbacher reports.

Thumb upEuropean asset managers are not as active on social media as they should be, says Daniel Ganev at Karoll Capital Management.

Anna Maleva-OttoDistribution retrocessions embedded in fund management fees have been a feature of European fund distribution practices for many years.

GirlIn the current cycle, consumer goods have offered some of the best equity returns. Olly Russ at Argonaut Capital Partners reports