Magazine Issues»July-August 2014

Clearstream conferenceWith Alan Brown of Schroders a keynote speaker at the Clearstream Fund Summit, the conference was able to look at half a decade of industry change.

MacaroonsDiversified growth funds are handy way to spread risk while reducing portfolio volatility. Bit for both DB and DC pension schemes, there are some drawbacks. George Mitton reports.

MonacoFrom poker to self-driving cars, panellists at the funds industry's top European conference discussed all manner of topics. Perhaps one dominated all others, will the conference stay in its current location next year, or move? George Mitton reports.

Human pyramidCorporate governance challenges are forcing managers to make significant changes, says Michael Hornsby, of EY in Luxembourg.

DataGuillaume Fiastre of Taliance looks at why data management is so important in the new regulatory world for alternative investments.

Shires OzanneWhat is a fund? This question may be simple, but it is important to alternative investments because a fund (collective investment scheme) faces a higher level of regulation than a non fund.

BoatBack in 2012, the FCA challenged asset managers to develop back-up plans for when an outsourcing arrangement goes wrong. Nicholas Pratt examines market solutions.

Stuart LawsonStuart Lawson, Northern Trust, on regulatory change and how adapting to it reaps benefits.

BuildingWe examine the most interesting fund launches in the recent past and profile one fund a year after it began.

CyclistsIn the second of two articles on ETFs, Felix Goltz of Edhec finds where ETFs are considered more advantageous over futures, and where they are not.