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Willaim YongeIn June 2013, the European Commission published a proposal for the creation of a new type of regulated EU fund product, the EU Long-Term Investment Fund (Eltif), that will enable investors to invest in companies and projects that need long-term capital financing of tangible assets, such as energy, transport, industrial and climate change technologies, and intangible assets such as research and development.

MazeMulti-asset funds are helping investors deal with uncertainty. Alix Robertson talks to some in the industry about the popularity of these funds and hears investors may be flexible on fees. 

CrowdAppropriate oversight of an outsourcer could avert a distressed exit, says Citisoft's Cosmo Wisniewski, but it can also yield useful ongoing business intelligence.

BetaThe next generation of smart beta will respond to world events and produce the best returns for investors, says Marc Barrachin of Markit.

Anchor chainCentral counterparties that support the clearing of derivatives pose a systemic risk if they fail. Nicholas Pratt reports on the difficulties in finding a way to stabilise the system.

Ian KellyOnce upon a time, fund administration did just what it said on the tin and nothing more. Outsourcing the day-to-day of back office detail was a natural step for a global funds industry rapidly growing in size and complexity.

IndiaWe profile the most interesting fund launches in recent weeks and examine the performance of one product a year after it hit the market.

Stepping stonesThe international policy agenda is heavily focused on matching demand and supply for long-term capital investment in infrastructure.

Paul StevensDuring the past two decades, the regulated fund industry has experienced tremendous growth. According to ICI Global research, global assets in mutual funds have increased from $4 trillion (€3.5 trillion) in 1993 to $28.9 trillion in September 2013.