Magazine Issues»December 2019

Globe_digitalCaceis, the French custody bank, is focusing more on business outside the EU following a merger. This means it is following its two largest French peers – Societe Generale and BNP Paribas – into more overseas locations. Bob Currie looks into the world of French asset servicing.

Digital_globeFunds Europe talks to Calastone’s chief revenue officer, Ed Lopez, about the coming of a digital dawn for money market funds.

Oliver_CrowleyThis summer, residents of European cities could not help but be affected by calls from protesters for action on climate change.

Lee_GodfreyFund administrator Intertrust has introduced transformational processes that are designed to help the firm’s clients do the same. Amongst the technology, the human touch is a central feature.

Pat_SharmanI have always maintained a strong passion for governance. This has been heavily influenced by my work in the pensions industry for over 25 years, including over five years as a trustee for Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension schemes.

Autonomous_carDigitalisation in fund management centres on making funds self-aware. This has not happened outside of individual enterprises yet, but a Funds Europe webinar in association with Milestone Group discusses digital transformation’s next stage.

SG_HK_SHFunds Global Asia reports from Clearstream’s Annual Asia Summit, held in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Diversified Growth FundCAMRADATA’s Diversified Grouth Funds (DGF) investment research report for Q3 2019, which charts the performance of investments and asset managers across the DGF universe, highlighted the eighth consecutive quarter of outflows.