• Red tape

    FCA highlights failings in execution practices

    Many firms in the UK did not adequately control client costs when executing orders, according to a review by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

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  • Launch

    Threadneedle fund aims to benefit from pension reforms

    Threadneedle Investments has launched a global multi-asset and income fund in response to recent pension reforms in the UK.

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  • Eurozone

    Two-thirds of active eurozone equity funds fail to beat benchmark

    Two-thirds of actively managed funds investing in eurozone equities failed to beat the S&P Eurozone broad market index over five years, according to new research.

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  • Equities going up

    Equity funds dominate UK retail sales

    Equity funds accounted for £1.2 billion (€1.5 billion) of net UK retail sales in June, with equity income funds especially popular.

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  • Ireland

    Ireland publishes new fund structure bill

    The Irish Funds Industry Association says up to 100 new funds could be launched in Ireland under the new Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle Bill, published today by the government.

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