Barry McInerney to double F&C’s European distribution staff

Barry McInerney largeF&C Asset Management's liability-driven investment (LDI) capability is one of the most attractive parts of the business, Barry McInerney, co-chief

executive at BMO Global Asset Management, which now owns F&C, told Funds Europe in Chicago recently.

BMO is part of North America's Bank of Montreal, which bought F&C earlier this year after a tumultuous period for the formerly London-listed asset manager.

"We are going to take F&C's thinking and processes in LDI and apply it here. The best principles of LDI can be applied to other regions and so we are going to up our game in North America," says McInerney in our interview.

While F&C is set to expand its presence in the North American market, McInerney says that in Europe he will double distribution staff in the next 12 to 18 months.

"Their manufacturing is strong, but their distribution needs to be ramped up. We intend to add some sales resources immediately. Over the next 12 to 18 months we will double [headcount], like we did in North America. F&C is light on the continent so we will revamp that," McInerney says.

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