Aviva’s UK first with residential solar panel investment

Home solar panelsAviva Investors has become the first major financial institution to invest in a large portfolio of solar panels fitted to residential houses, the firm said recently.

The acquisition of the solar – or photovoltaic – panels, which generate 23 mega watts of power, involves 7,000 domestic houses in what is apparently the largest residential-scale renewable transaction completed in the UK.

The panels belong to HomeSun Holdings, which fits solar panels for free across the UK.

Ian Berry, Aviva’s infrastructure & renewable energy fund manager, said: “This strategic investment in UK renewables is one of many we have planned and is part of our strategy of investing in high quality renewable energy infrastructure assets.”

He added that infrastructure could meet the needs of the many institutions that are looking to invest in assets that offer secure and long-dated income streams in order to meet their liabilities.

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