Aug 10, 2009

The funds industry agrees that greater automation is needed. Should it aim for the Utopia of a fully automated fund processing chain or settle for small increases over a long time period? By Nicholas Pratt

Jul 06, 2009

As regulators move to standardise the complex world of derivatives, Nicholas Pratt outlines what the changes mean for fund managers

Jul 06, 2009

Mark Briol • Biff Bowman • Nadine Chakar • Jaron Van Dam • Susan Ebenston • Andrew Gelb • François Marion • Rob Wright meet round a table with Nick Fitzpatrick

Jun 09, 2009

"BPM is a major leap forward in the effort to reduce human error within the transactional chain, thereby improving efficiency and increasing cost [email protected], says Paul zur Nieden

Jun 09, 2009

Christoph Mast, of RCM, tells Nicholas Pratt there is a need for more data from brokers and vendors if electronic trading is to reach its full potential...

Jun 09, 2009

There is a lag between the rate of change in the trading world and the speed with which technology providers can help fund managers cope, finds Nicholas Pratt...

Apr 22, 2009

In today's post-Lehman climate, hedge funds are seeking to use multiple prime brokers in order to reduce the risk of locking up assets with insolvent banks, writes Nicholas Pratt...

Apr 07, 2009

Uncertainty could lead fund managers to seek the safety of more regulated products, tougher domiciles and quality providers. Nicholas Pratt looks at the results of the Funds Europe 2009 European Third-Party Administration Survey to see what kind of administrators will prove to be a destination of choice...

Mar 19, 2009

There are a number of drivers for asset management M&A at present, including hedge funds that want to build product – and a slight dollop of corporate lunacy, finds Fiona Rintoul...

Feb 18, 2009

Nadine Chakar (pictured), EMEA head of BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, talks to Nick Fitzpatrick about world domination and staying up late to rescue clients from Lehman Brothers...