Nov 04, 2013

Handshake 3BlueBay Asset Management, a specialist fixed income and alternative investments manager based in London, has appointed Luc Leclercq as chief operating officer.

Sep 27, 2013

CarwashThe system requirements of new derivatives rules will likely increase asset managers' reliance on service providers. Nicholas Pratt examines what managers should be looking for in a potential provider.

Sep 27, 2013

HandsThe idea of universal legal entity identifiers was designed to make counterparty classification straightforward for all regulations. Nicholas Pratt finds critical uncertainty remains as the deadline for over-the-counter central clearing of derivatives looms large

Sep 10, 2013

DataThe mismatch of financial flows and commercial flows is nowhere more visible than between countries in Africa and in the Asia Pacific region.

Sep 06, 2013

VaultFor a global custodian, assets have been shown to be at risk when they are out on loan with a prime broker. Among other questions, including about provider consolidation by asset managers, Funds Europe asked how banks deal with this risk.

Sep 06, 2013

DataWhen delegates arrive at the annual banking transactions conference, Sibos, which is held this year in Dubai, what will they discuss? Funds Europe asked senior executives at top firms to share their views.

Aug 22, 2013

Risk3Financial institutions, including banks and investment managers, are becoming more confident at risk management but recognise there are gaps in areas such as cyber security.

Aug 08, 2013

locks cyberCyber attacks on financial institutions from 'hacktivists', nation states or paid hackers are the top systemic threat facing financial markets, says a report from the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC).

Jul 23, 2013

CoralEurope's ETF market lags behind the US in volume but attempts to make the market more efficient may hold the key to greater growth, Nicholas Pratt discovers.

Jul 23, 2013

AfricaAfricans, with their growing savings pools, could repeat previous investor trends in emerging markets and give asset managers a chance to capitalise, finds Fiona Rintoul.