Jun 25, 2008

Project Turquoise, the bank-backed alternative trading platform, has caused much anticipation among the trading community. Nik Pratt talks to Eli Lederman, CEO (pictured) about what it will mean for fund managers ...

May 22, 2008

The shift into money market funds will not end when the credit crunch lifts. It is part of a long-term trend, writes Fiona Rintoul ...

Apr 14, 2008

Swift is pioneering the automation of OTC derivatives transactions but a number of asset managers are not joining the scheme. Instead they are saving costs by using their custodians to link into the Swift network. Nik Pratt looks at the implications ...

Feb 08, 2008

Europe’s cumbersome clearing and settlement process is still some way off the sleek US model, finds Angelique Ruzicka, despite efforts to develop it

Feb 08, 2008

The credit crunch has seen the fortunes of asset managers fall, while custodians’ financial results have risen. Rather than be irked by this, Nick Fitzpatrick suggests investors should see the opportunities

Nov 19, 2007

Central and eastern European securities markets have attracted massive overseas investment – but their infrastructure isn’t quite ready. Christine Senior reports

Sep 03, 2007

Christine Senior asks whether funds straight-through processing will ever equal that of equities and bonds

Sep 03, 2007

As the Mifid deadline approaches and the competition hots up between the traditional exchanges and the new entrants, Nicholas Pratt asks what fund managers can expect in terms of pricing and additional services