Feb 15, 2010

Three years since competition in the UK fund clearing & settlement industry heated up, Philippe Seyll, head of Clearstream’s funds division, tells Nicholas Pratt about his firm's coverage of the most commonly traded funds

Jan 14, 2010

Nicholas Pratt talks to fund managers and asset servicers to see what changes to complex OTC derivatives will have been made by the time they come back into fashion...

Jul 06, 2009

CCPs have stood strong in the middle of all trades providing the comfort that counterparties and regulators desire. Marco Strimer (pictured) of SIX x-clear comments...

Jul 06, 2009

As regulators move to standardise the complex world of derivatives, Nicholas Pratt outlines what the changes mean for fund managers

Jul 06, 2009

Nicholas Pratt examines the latest changes in the Egyptian funds market and what it means for prospective international investors

Jul 06, 2009

Turmoil in financial markets has focused investors’ minds on the role of their custodian banks and caused them to ask: How liable are custodians to reimburse me when assets are lost due to fraud or failure? This complicated issue will impact fees, says Nick Fitzpatrick

May 19, 2009

French custody banks charge the lowest fees in Europe, they say. But investors should expect these to increase, finds Angèle Spiteri Paris

Apr 22, 2009

For investors and regulators interested in the CDS market the greatest need is for increased transparency, writes Rhodri Preece...

Apr 07, 2009

FSA watchdogs are getting tougher, and not just with the banks. Fund managers are also affected. But challenges over the next twelve months do not end with the landmark Turner Review, finds Nick Fitzpatrick...

Mar 19, 2009

Nicholas Pratt looks at how attempts to bridge the high returns of OTC derivatives with the security of exchange-traded instruments may affect fund managers