Alix Capital launches six Ucits hedge funds indices

IndicesAlix Capital has launched six single-strategy indices that will allow investors to gain exposure to Ucits-compliant hedge funds.

There is an emerging market, event-driven, equity market neutral, foreign exchange, macro and multi-strategy index, and each one contains between six and 15 Ucits-compliant hedge funds from Alix Capital's Ucits Alternative Index universe.

Ucits hedge funds must have at least €30 million under management and be open to new business to be included in the indices.

With the new products, Alix Capital now offers eleven Ucits hedge fund indices. The indices are themselves Ucits-compliant, offer weekly pricing and are rebalanced every quarter.

The indices are investable and can be used to gain diversified exposure to Ucits hedge funds. The firm offers to license the indices to financial clients who want to create index-based products.

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