Alcoa’s Ron Barin joins the 300 Club

Ron BarinRon Barin has been appointed to the 300 Club, an independent group made up of leading investment professionals from around the world, including individuals such as Saker Nusseibeh, founder of Hermes Investment Management and Alan Brown, former chief investment officer of Schroders.

Based in New York, Barin is vice president and chief investment officer, pension plan investments at metals technology, engineering and manufacturing company, Alcoa.

He is responsible for the investment strategy of the firm’s US retirement benefits plans, as well as the Alcoa Foundation. Barin says his latest project at Alcoa has involved a risk factor portfolio construction approach to the company’s pension and foundation investment strategies.

Prior to joining Alcoa, Barin served as senior director, pension investments, for pharmaceutical firm Pfizer, where he was responsible for assets totalling $22 billion (€20.2 billion). He has also served in treasury financial risk management roles at Estee Lauder and Unilever.

The 300 Club believes that recent economic and investment trends will change investing over the next two decades and aims to respond to a need for experienced investment professionals to raise questions about this changing landscape.

The 300 Club members have published papers on topics such as dynamic asset allocation, risk management, manager selection, long-horizon investing and client engagement.

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