May 2016

Editorial Synopsis May 2016

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Fund platforms
Financial advisers have been under pressure to examine how they select fund platforms – but what about how the platforms themselves select funds? Are investors offered a wide palette of funds of varying quality, or do platforms have higher barriers to entry for a more select crop? And is selection all about bulge-bracket firms whose brands sell their selves, or is space available for boutiques?

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Asian equities
Economic and political upheaval in Asia presents both opportunity and risk to funds navigating the continent’s equity markets.What are the challenges facing managers in the region – and are the rewards worth the risk?

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ETF review
Funds Europe provides a regular report about developments in the evolving exchange-traded fund sector, including asset flows, company news, and other relevant market developments.

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Private equity fund administration
Private equity real estate funds are a hybrid of real estate investment (normally funded by debt) and private equity. We look at how these funds are evolving and what challenges administrators face in reporting to a funds underlying clients.

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Emerging markets
Outflows from large, highly established emerging market funds could be to do with concerns that these funds are too big to be agile. Is it time for smaller, even boutique, EM firms that are waiting in the wings to pick up assets?

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Fund Forum preview
A look at some of the themes, topics and speakers of this year’s Fund Forum International to be held in Berlin.

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